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    Alessi Shaker american or boston
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Alessi - Shaker american or boston




Boston, the pro shaker

After an intense reseach on professional bar & wine tools, Shaker or Amrican Shaker is born.

A professional shaker for the most amateur barman.

With two parts that fit each other perfectly, the blending of flavours is amazing!!!!

Try it:

Speed Gonzalez
- 3 cl  tequilla
- 3 cl  Pisang Ambon
- 5 drops of blue curacao
- 12 cl Seven Up
- ice
Place ice in the shaker with the all the igredients except for seven-up. Shake it and pour it on a long drink glass.
Add some ice cubes, seven up and stir.

Be a true barman!!!

Glass shaker with a polished stainless steel outer layer and a opaque interior.

design Ettore Sottsass

Height: 28 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Capacity: 50 cl


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