Fratelli campana amanita lamp - Alessi

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    Alessi Amanita lamp
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Alessi - Amanita lamp



Amanita - naturally unique lighting

With an unique structure, create an imperial and inviting atmosphere.

Amanita is the outcome of a challenge to create an object that would combine design and poetry.
An achieved goal!!!!

The outline resembles the elegant hat of a mushroom.
Made of handlaced rattan, Amanita preserves its essence and creates an unique light pattern.

Amanita has two lightbulbs, one on the base and the other on top. Thus, allowing three different lighting combinations, lit up all at the same time or each at a time.

The combination between the lighting and the rattan enable a light and shadow game surrounding the lamp, that will amaze everyone...

design Fratelli Campana

Height: 60 cm
Diameter: 50 cm



Bulbs: 2 bulbs 20W


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