Fratelli campana centerpiece blow up - Alessi

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Alessi - Blow up centerpiece



Blow Up centrepiece!

Playing with shapes, spaces and small steel pieces....

Your Blow Up centrepiece will make a splash! Funny and modern, this is the missing piece to cheer up your table!

Its construction method is a reminescence to the recycling form of the third world typlical urban conglomerates, at least how europeans imagine them. But Blow Up is skillfully and poetically made, respecting the basic requirements of the relevant objects.
The designers believe that this approach is a good example of "Lightness and Consistency", two literary recommendations from Italo Calvino. 

Made of 18/10 stainless steel.

design Fratelli Campana

Height: 14.5 cm
Width: 67.5 cm
Depth: 64.5 cm