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    Alessi Gertrudis trivet
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Alessi - Gertrudis trivet

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Gertrudis, design sqaured.

A piece of steel creased and hardened, plate, was the model for this informal trivet.

Apparently random design wise, it was, actually, designed to offer different back up spots from both sides.

On one side, the grips are closer to each other, allowing to hold a smaller vessel, such as a coffee maker.
On the other side, the grips are further apart, making it suitable for holding larger pans and trays.

The waves have the task of reducing the contact area between the hot vessel and the trivet, meaning that the space between the two objects spreads out heat.
These points were strategically placed in order to grant higher stability.

Polished stainless steel.

design Lluís Clotet

Height: 2 cm
Diameter: 22 cm