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    Alessi Miò  black cat bowl
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Alessi - Miò black cat bowl




Miò, for your cat...

Miau, Miau, Miau...

An elegant bowl with a lid, for the best time of the day: eating time.
Let us see if they can resist ;)

A small white kitten, always with in a good mood, guards the bowl.

An amusing bowl that will delight your furry friend.
The inner bowl can be removed for washing.

Lunchtime is over, just place on the lid... and from a feeding bowl, it then is transformed into an elegant decor object. Your cat and Miò will have a lot to talk about, for sure.....

Made of thermoplastic resin, and the inner bowl is made of stainless steel.

design Miriam Mirri

Height: 16 cm
Diameter: 18 cm


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