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    Alessi Citrus squeezer
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Alessi - Citrus squeezer

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MySqueeze, a citrus squeezer!

Designed to be used directly on your hand... juices will have another flavour!

MySqueeze was especially designed to squeeze lemons, when sometimes, just a few drops are more than enough..... in a juice or as seasoning.... with MySqueeze everything will be done in style!
Its shape is similar to a lemon; the juice passes through in between the friezes, leaving the seeds behind.

Contemporary, MySqueeze is already a modern icon around the world, a must-have in future kitchens!

Made in stainless steel.
From the Objets-Bijoux collection.

Prizes and awards:

  • Pure Creativity 2009 award

design Rolan Kreiter


Height: 13,7 cm
Diameter: 6 cm


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After christmas and the holidays
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