Lily pond chopsticks with holder - Alessi

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Alessi - Chopsticks with holder



Chopsticks Lily Pond, sushi humm...

Like all products from this designer, Lily Pond is modern and functional with a pinch of charisma.Giovannoni was given the chance to free his imagination, thus creating a new interpretation of the chinese tradition.

Sushi, a japonese delicacy, increasingly settled in the mediterranean culture and with an increasingly number of fans.

With the help from chopsticks, just enjoy!!!

The chopsticks holder is a nice little fish..... fish on and out of your plate ;)

If you are not already an expert in the art of handling chopsticks, maybe it is time to learn. Alessi will give you a hand!!!

A set of two melamine chopsticks, and a porcelain holder.

design Stefano Giovannoni


Comprimento: 23 cm
Suporte: 5 cm x 3 cm