Rendez vous salad bowl - Alma Gemea

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    Alma Gemea Salad bowl
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Alma Gemea - Salad bowl

Rendez vous saladeira - Alma Gemea

Alma Gemea


With the Alma Gemea collection we discovered how two materials can be perfect for each other.
We are talking about cork and ceramics, which strengthen ties in these proposals for table decoration, in a perfect marriage.

 Rendez Vous: serve with Portuguese design.

In this piece we find the perfect harmony between tradition and the present-day - with the combination of modern and contemporary design, with simple and clear lines; and the use of raw materials with a lot of history in our country, such as cork.

This salad bowl is the missing piece in your dinnerware collection.
To surprise guests on special dates or for everyday use: Rendez Vous adapts to any occasion.

100% natural product, produced piece by piece.
For this special reason, slight colour or shape variations may come up on the same reference, granting the charcateristics of an unique and exclusive object.


design Gonçalo Martins and Francisco Vieira Martins

Alma Gemea

Height: 7,3 cm
Diameter: 23cm




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