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    Authentics Entrance led lamp
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Authentics - Entrance led lamp



LED Lamp, Welcome !

Your guests' first impression as they arrive at your home is not what they is inside but outside.

This is one of the reasons why designers created the Entrance line for Authentics.

Entrance is a set of accessories that will cause a good impression to everyone who crosses your door.

Thus, an elegant lamp welcomes everyone who arrives at your door.

The LED lamp will help you find the door lock in dark scary nights. During the day it will be the source of your neighbours' envy!

These lights are shaped like a book spine and can be arranged to shine light in any direction you wish.

By using LEDs, it provides current technology that does not stand back behind the modern, very clean design and is also energy efficient and environment friendly.

Assembly kit included.

Made of  anodized aluminium.

Entrance mail box designed by Jehs+Laub for Authentics.

Height: 20 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 7 cm