Box appetit bag - Black Blum

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Black Blum - Bag green

Black Blum - Box appetit bag


Box Appetit Bag, the perfect companion for your lunch box.

Carry your "Box Appetit" lunch box in style.

An amazing transportation bag for your lunch box.

The quite discrete exterior hides inside its' funny interior pattern a real drink of the Gods: your wonderful lunch!

The bag also has room for a drink and a piece of fruit. 
Then pull the bag open, by pulling the bag claps, to create a mini blanket to sit in a park or use it as a place mat on your desk. 

After enjoying your meal and tidying up, close the bag with the velcro stripe.
Waterproof cotton and polyester.

Bon Apetit


Black Blum
Height: 1 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 28 cm



After christmas and the holidays

last update: 03 January 2017

After christmas and the holidays
January starts in a healthy way. On the first days of the year we have suggestions for you: get motivated and inspired. Small changes can make a big difference. Remember?