Candle snuffer loop - Black Blum

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    Black Blum Candle snuffer
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Black Blum - Candle snuffer



Loop, shhhhhhhh...

Loop is inspired by the Fibonacci curve that is seen throughout nature and looks correct and balanced to the human eye. 
Loop will certainly take us to infinity.

With a modern touch in an ever-lasting product, Loop Candle Snuffer is born.

Safe, practical and functional... blowing out the candles is now a style process!

This candle snuffer allows you to safely extinguish your candles without blowing wax and smoke everywhere. 
And at the same time it sits perfectly at your elegant and romantic dinner table...

Chromed steel layover.

The perfect match for your Loop candle holder.

Black Blum
Height: 11.5 cm
Width: 19.5 cm
Depth: 3.2 cm