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    Blomus Borda wood tray
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Blomus - Borda wood tray

Borda tray - Blomus

expected delivery 23 Dec - 28 Dec



Because a wood tray can be a decorative piece and a real helper to maintain the organization.
And it is this versatility that we like to find in everyday objects, which are practical and beautiful and that serve different functions.

Borda: how will you use it?

The choice is entirely yours; however we give you some suggestions that may inspire you.
This oak wood tray can be the base and/ or the support to decorate a little corner, using vases with colorful flowers or candles; it can be the tray to keep countertops organized in the bathroom; and it can also be an indispensable helper to serve your favourite drinks to your guests.

One piece; several ways of use it. Isn't it fascinating?

Its sober, minimalist and elegant lines are the perfect note. It is in the beauty of simplicity that we find the most iconic pieces.
Made of untreated oak, it looks very natural and the design is uncomplicated, to ensure a careful and practical decoration.

Oak wood tray

Height: 2,5 cm
Width: 20 cm
Depth: 30 cm


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