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    Blomus Fireplace set canneto
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Blomus - Fireplace set canneto



Canneto, the perfect fireplace set...

Fire is extremely relaxing... especially in a calm quiet environment...

A fireplace, in a controlled environment and with the help of a good fuel management, will without a doubt creat a very cosy ambience!

With pure elegance and a simple design , Canneto is the ideal set for your fireplace.

Its base and its, only, two pieces: hook and tong, will allow you to have a relaxed, with no worries evening by the fireplace..

The base, which is made out of black mate stainless steel, has two holes where both hook and tong fit in, and has enough weight to maintain the stability of the set.

The set is made in stainless stell with black plastic straps, easy to handle, and due to the plastic it does not over-heat 

With such a simple, discrete and pure design, here is Blomus' motto

Pure Living, Pure Relax!

Canneto fireplace tool set designed by Flöz Design for Blomus.


Height: 69.5 cm
Diameter: 13 cm


Winter wonderland - christmas holidays

last update: 30 November 2016

Winter wonderland - christmas holidays
Let the holiday spirit guides you, enjoy this time of the year and live with no wories this season.
Hot chocolat...and fireplaces.

last update: 27 May 2016

Hot chocolat...and fireplaces.
When we think about winter, we think about cold. When we feel cold, we just want a cozy environment.