Flavo scented candle - Blomus

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    Blomus Flavo scented candle firewood
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Blomus - Flavo scented candle firewood

Blomus - Flavo scented candle




Because a cozy environment, of pure comfort, requires a soft and harmonious light...

There something in the air and a cozy light: Flavo.

An unforgettable element.
Its careful look, simple and elegant design, are notes that highlight the support of this candle. Not only will its soft light be an indispensable note, but the aesthetics of the jar will also be essential to ensure a careful decoration in any area.

The hardwood lid in contrast to the frosted glass bring the modernity and minimalism we love so much.
But this candle is even more special. By using natural soy wax, candles are free of toxins and environmentally friendly. Natural aromas spread smoothly and scent any area.

The candle will burn for up to 60 hours with extremely low soot production.

Height: 10,5 cm
Diameter: 9 cm


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