Plátanos vase 32 - Bordallo Pinheiro

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    Bordallo Pinheiro Plátanos vase 32cm
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Bordallo Pinheiro - Plátanos vase 32cm

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Bordallo Pinheiro



 Autumn leaves...

Plane trees, the most common trees that come with the autumn and shed their leaves... naked, they give a warm welcome to winter.
It give us its leaves for a stunning piece...

Hand-painted, Plane jar is an unique and timeless piece!!!

Autumn leaves shedding, its scents, its light and intense colours are represented in this intense and creative collection.
An invitation to dinner in the comfort of your home.

This object is a part of the Leaves collection from Bordallo Pinheiro. The leaves are a major part of this line, from the most common plants, to the most exotic and uncommon.
In the artistic Bordallo Pinheiro's ceramic, there are many techniques and procedures, some centennial, responsible for the final quality. The work of Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro surprises with its poetic content of ecological, political and social origin.

Made of earthenware, it is dishwasher safe.

Bordallo Pinheiro
Height: 32 cm
Width: 23.5 cm
Depth: 22.5 cm



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