Edge dinning table - Cane Line

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    Cane Line Edge dinning table - 210x100 cm
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Cane Line - Edge dinning table - 210x100 cm




Dining table Edge, gathers the whole family!

A completely new and innovative style, always ready to surprise.

An elegant table, where is always place

The large table can be extended up to 330 cm, the small table, up to 220 cm.
This increase is possible due to two extensions, each with 60 cm, hidden underneath the table top.

Get the whole family around the Edge table !!!

With a stainless steel structure and high pressure laminate top (HPL) in white color.
The top in HPL is the right solution for outdoor use. The table top is made from resin-impregnated paper, which is compressed under very high pressure to a strong board with a scratch resistant surface. These tabletops require basically no maintenance and can remain outroors all year round.   
Over the time, the high pressure laminate starts getting lighter at the ends,. If you want to keep the color you can apply a little linseed oil and it will become as new.

It is recommended to cover the table with adequate coverage during the months of autumn and winter.

Together with the other pieces from Edge line, you will always serve with elegance!



design Strand+Hvass

Cane Line
Height: 74 cm
Width: 210 cm
Depth: 100 cm