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Sushi at home is, with no doubt, a moment of pure pleasure and tasting.
To make this occasion even more pleasant, choose a modern, practical and beautiful service.

Double the sophistication.

These packs are perfect to complete your tableware:

Jomon Sushi pack composed by:
1 bowl Jomon mini in porcelain 10x8x5 cm
1 bowl Jomon S in porcelain 14x11x4cm
1 tray in bamboo
2 shopstick in bamboo 29x10x1cm

Jomon Duo pack composto por:
2 bowls Jomon L in porcelain 18x14x9cm
2 trays in bamboo 7x8x1cm


Cookplay always stands out for the creativity of its products, for the imagination, for the way it presents tableware.
Jomon is one of the brand's most iconic collections. A combination of emblematic pieces, while proving that less is more and that the details create the big picture.


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