Cups globe tea concept - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Set of 2 cups nordic grey

Eva Solo - globe tea concept



The simplicity of a balanced and calm morning.

For coffee or tea lovers, the sunrise will be even more magical. ♥

The snow paints the paths beyond the window, a steaming mug of tea or coffee that warms the heart on the coldest days.
Soft colors and minimalistic design that bring the peace you need to make every morning magical.

From the Globe's collection, this mug completes the most special winter table service and invites you to stand by the fireplace.
With its distinctive shape, this set shows the best of Scandinavian design, with its own characteristics that define its style throughout the collection.

It is time to enjoy the comfort of home, with the taste of an aromatic tea that delights our senses or the comforting aroma of coffee, on a rounded mug to warm your hands.


Cups in stoneware.


Eva Solo

Capacity: 40 cl