Nesting box - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo - Nesting box

Eva Solo - Nesting box



Decorating the outdoor has never been so special. 
With enchanted melodies and the nests, it is time to welcome the birds.

In contemporary nests, let the little birds invade your garden.

In the hot seasons it will be a surprise to see these little birds arrive.
On stormy days, don't be concern! Any rain that eventually enters in this house drains away through drain holes. Also this nest is frost-proof, so it can stay in the garden all year.

In white, it fits in with any outdoors scenery.

Birds nesting box in ceramic and plastic.

Eva Solo
Height: 21.9 cm
Width: 14.3 cm
Depth: 15 cm


Special guests in the garden: the birds

last update: 25 June 2018

Special guests in the garden: the birds
For those who love these little birds. They are a special guests in your garden. Here's how to make the bird space unique.