Self-watering flowerpot - Eva Solo

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    Eva Solo Flowerpot 11cm chalk white
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Eva Solo - Flowerpot 11cm chalk white

Self-watering flowerpot - Eva Solo

Eva Solo



For flowers lovers, for those who love natural decoration with life...
But can't spend too much time looking after the vases or  flowers.

Beautiful and fresh plants, on a self watering flowerpot. 

Providing the healthy growing of the flowers, palnts or herbs, Eva Solo's vases have an inovative system which don't make you spend muchy time around the vases. 
Thanks to its self watering system, this vase allows the plant to draw up just the water it needs, from a water reservoir in the bottom pot. 

Easy to clean and with a beautiful aesthetics, Eva Solo's vases are an excellent choice for your home decoration. 

Flowerpot in frosted glass, ceramic and nylon.

Eva Solo
Height: 13.9 cm
Diameter: 9 cm


Eva Solo

Height: 15.8 cm
Diameter: 11m

Eva Solo

Height: 18.3 cm
Diameter: 13 cm


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