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    Eva Solo Led tealight
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Eva Solo - Led tealight

Led tealight - Eva Solo

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Eva Solo



It is in the small characteristics and in the most beautiful details that we turn a house into a home. The environment, the scenrario, the comfort and the coziness are essential to transform each area and bring the essence of each individual.
There are elements that are essential and the Led tealights are decorative ornaments that convert any setting, providing a captivating and inviting atmosphere. Thinking about all these factors, Eva Solo created these Led tealights - which, in addition to elevating any room, are also an excellent option to traditional candles.

Indoor or outdoor, create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

As they are in LED, these tealights fulfill their function - with the tranquility of their light - and, at the same time, are a healthier alternative, without candle fumes.
These tealights have two light settings (constant or slight flickering), switching off automatically after 4 hours.

For a more realistic experience, the light insert flickers softly, so it resembles a real candle.

Made of mouth-blown glass. plastic and silicone.


Eva Solo
Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 12 cm


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