Ch air inflatable chair - Fatboy

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    Fatboy Inflatable chair anthracite with dark grey pillow
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Fatboy - Inflatable chair anthracite with dark grey pillow

Fatboy - Ch-air




CH-AIR, it's like sitting on air.

CH-AIR is a stylish and fun inflatable seat, with confort like you've never felt before.

The only thing you need is to pump it and, voilá: your throne is ready.

Thanks to the round iconic form of the CH-AIR, it blends perfectly in any place, at any time.

The designer, Alex Bergman, tought about everything when he created this puff: even how he could keep it from flying away.

He chose to place an anchor, with the shape of a pouch in the same colour as your pillow, so that you can fill it up with sand or pebbles. Then, just use the anchor out if you want to make sure your CH-AIR stays in the same place.

Pack up, blow up and chill out. Easy come, easy go!

Your personal touch is given by the colour of the pillow, which makes the CH-AIR even more special.


design Alex Bergman

Height: 135 cm
Width: 70 cm
Depth: 70 cm


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