Quilt cover triki - Haomy

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    Haomy Quilt cover triki brownie
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Haomy - Quilt cover triki brownie

Quilt cover triki - Haomy

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A quilt cover is essential to ensure maximum comfort.
It is also the ideal accessory if you want to have your sofa always impeccable, with no stain and no dust.
If we combine the functionality of this textile with good taste and careful design, we definitely have a must-have piece.

Triki quilt cover by Haomy:comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.

Brownie, this warm and welcoming tone that fits perfectly into the irregular and sinuous shapes of the tufted details.
Enjoy long moments on your sofa, with Triki always with you - to warm up on a colder night, for more comfort while you reading, for a moment of pure relax while watching your favorite movies and series.

Quilt cover triki, with filling.
100% Linen stone wash., with tufted details.

Width: 85cm
Depth: 200 cm


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