Shortwave dish rack - Hay

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    Hay Shortwave dish rack
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Hay - Shortwave dish rack

Hay - Shortwave dish rack




"Use follows form" - this is the belief of the designer who created the Shortwave dish rack, Leon Ransmeier.
And it is on this principle that he creates all his pieces, with the certainty that their practicality and functionality will go hand in hand with ingenious and beautiful designs.

Shortwave: small waves to place your dishes.

In stainless steel, this dish rack stands out for its bold and super different design - as well as the irreverence of the wavy lines, which add personality and charisma to this piece.
It is this utensil that will always be exposed in your kitchen, without compromising the decoration, and ensuring its purpose of use.
With a strong and attractive language, it will be the best place to put your dishes after washing. It also includes a tray made to catch any excess water.


Height: 10,5 cm
Width: 40 cm
Depth: 29,5 cm