Harvest puffball birds by toyka - Iittala

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Iittala - Annual bird 2016 harvest puffball

Iittala - Annual bird 2016 Harvest Puffball



Annual bird 2016 Harvest puffball

Meet the latest bird to join the iittala's lovely nest!

Inspired by the autumnal colors of cereal fields, Harvest puffball is actually the older brother of the already so beloved Puffball bird.

A little bird recently arrived of its exciting journey through the valleys of the creative mind of Oiva Toikka!

Its colors are its greatest charm: its white base was covered with translucent glass on the head with striking contrast and reflection, ending in a delicious rich shade of caramel.

A truly a must see limited edition for fans of the art and talent by Oiva Toikka.



design Oiva Toikka


Height: 14 cm
Width: 22 cm