Uhuu birds by toyka - Iittala

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    Iittala Uhuu
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Iittala - Uhuu




Uhuu from Oiva Toikka Birds collection...

Who's there?
The Uhuu has a humorous appearance, perhaps for their big eyes.

Likes to live by night while the house is deeply asleep ...

A Philosophy symbol transformed into art

Crystal pieces, individually tabalhadas creating unique pieces.
By day he falls asleep turning into art to embellish any space.

In warm tones, to give more comfort to any environment, its simplicity and uniqueness, makes Uhuu a very special piece.
To offer to the ones you love the most, to give life to your home: a bold design proposal.

IittalaHeight: 26 cm
Width: 16 cm



Single family house at esposende

last update: 10 September 2016

Single family house at esposende
Here, all the flavors matches with the interior decoration, and the nature is the main topic that complete and inspire the architect Susana Guimarães.
We love autumn

last update: 25 October 2018

We love autumn
In the season of earth colors, from the leaves on the floor, have you thought how to decorate your house too?

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