Shanghai cushion covers - Linum

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    Linum Shanghai set of 2 cushion covers
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Linum - Shanghai set of 2 cushion covers



Shanghai cushion covers in 100% cotton.

Simply beautifull...

The characteristic softness of cotton, and its shape, make Shanghai the perfect companion for great comfort and rest.
Choose the perfect cushion, and turn this cover a must-have of your couch!

With a zZipper, the cover is easy to remove for washing.
The covers are sold in sets of 2 of the same color.

In the corners, this delightful cover features a small fringe, like a touch of rebellion and fun!

Quality, refinement, smoothness are its predicates!

Linum attaches great importance to product quality, taking special care in the choice of materials and finishes.
A special care to ensure that any contaminated waste is released into the environment.

Linum recommends washing of cotton textiles at 60 degrees.
In fact, some colors set better when washed at this temperature.

All cotton items produced by Linum can be dried in the dryer.
Linum recomends natural drying.


Width: 40 cm
Depth: 40 cm