Puzzle carpet - Magis

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Magis - Puzzle carpet sand

Magis - Puzzle carpet



Puzzle Carpet

Designed by Satyendra Pakhalé for the Me Too collection from  Magis, Puzzle Carpet will change the way we see rugs and carpets in children's rooms.

With it's unique shape and design, Puzzle Carpet will certainly be a success in children's rooms.

Having 7 different pieces and a desert sand pattern, it is time to put your imagination to the test, for when the time to put together Puzzle Carpet arrives , the brain teaser will begin.

Judging by the name, this carpet is a puzzle, ready to gather the whole family together :)

In soft expanded polyethylene, coupled with polyester fabric, it is ideal for your baby's first steps, and even to play on a cold winter day, giving the illusion you are at the beach!

Available in other patterns.


Height: 1,5 cm
Width: 252 cm