Magnetic cloth holder - Magisso

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    Magisso Magnetic cloth holder
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Magisso - Magnetic cloth holder

Magisso - Magnetic cloth holder




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A smart support for a better kitchen!

The dishcloth will never be a problem again - it will not bother or compromise the aesthetics of your kitchen.
With this Magisso holder, easy to put on your sink, you will always have the dishcloth at hand; but hidden in your kitchen sink.

With patented fitting, this support is the answer and the resource to make the kitchen a better place.

Easy to assemble, just place the magnet on the back of the bench, and the holder on the inside!
Goodbye, worries!

Dishcloth holder in stainless steel mate.

Height: 5,8 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Depth: 19 cm