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    Materia Stool
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Materia - Stool

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Senta, sitting or standing

Senta is a contradition of high and low: a calling for those who do not sit still, an attempt to conciliate the gazing desire and the nervous energy of being "on the go".

With no set spot, it can be in the kitchen, helping you to reach out something from the tall cupboard, or at the dinner table, always ready for a surprise guest...
Easy to assemble and to use anywhere, Senta is made up of 4 wooden legs that fit in a cork seat, comfortable as well as flexible.

As pernas inserem-se nas duas aberturas ovais escavadas no corpo de cortiça, para simplificar a sua arrumação ou transporte.

Senta jumps out of the car trunk directly to the ground in a matter of seconds, a born traveller... ready for an afternoon gazing at the ocean, for a picnic or a trip to the countryside, everytime a sunset or another scenery seduces us.

Made of Agglomerated cork and wood.


design Fernando Brizio

Height: 44.3 cm
Diameter: 25.5 cm


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