Pinha suspension lamp - Materia

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    Materia Pinha suspension lamp
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Materia - Pinha suspension lamp

expected delivery 04 May - 06 May


Pinha, a true chameleon!

Pinha offers a challenging and alternative approach to lighting through customization.
This hanging lamp is made up of a cork structure, to which three ultra resistant Tyvek® paper shade are fastened by pins.

It is up to you to have the final say on how Pinha will look and work...

The choice of the paper shades, amongst available shapes and drawings, will define its appearance.
Function-wise, light direction and range are moulded according to where you place the shade.

The thermal isolation capacity and the low cork's conductivity allows you to handle Pinha in safety.

To increase the level of unpredictability, it is of utter importance to inform that the Tyvek® position is not definite; thus, Pinha can take on several settings, according to its environment, or simply your state of mind.

design Raw Edges

Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 13 cm



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