Dodici scented candle - Max Benjamin

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    Max Benjamin Dodici scented candle 190gr
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Max Benjamin - Dodici scented candle 190gr

Dodici candle - Max Benjamin

expected delivery 23 Feb - 27 Feb
Max Benjamin


Light up the room...
Perfume the environment!

Dodici combines elegance with the soft power of a candle flame.

It is the perfect element to complete the decoration of the room or the living room, with revitalizing energy and soothing lighting.

The candle weight is 190g or 6.5oz, providing at least 40 hours of burning time.

Each Max Benjamin candle is designed and hand-made, using 100% natural waxes, the wicks are made in unleaded italian cotton.
The finest essential oils are added to produce their unique blend of fragrances.


Max Benjamin





Candle from "Classic Collection."

This candle includes oils of rosemary, Sicilian lemon and marjoram on a backdrop of Tuscan lavender.


New year, new home
New year, new home
Must-have pieces to bring a new life into your home. After all, a new year means a new beginning.

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