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Norm Architects' studios focus and base their work on simplicity, honesty, durability.
At the same time, they always try to create pieces that respond to the most real needs of consumers.

Motivated by the passion in the creation of objects that offer simple and practical solutions and the love for the minimalism and lightness of the products.
It is from this symbiosis that the coolest, most modern and practical utensils for everyday life are born.

Norm collector: the tree for your jewelry.

With this piece it will be impossible to lose even the smallest objects.
In an inspirational interpretation of a tree, this will be the favorite place for your jewelry.

For everyday use and for a more beautiful decoration. The perfect solution for storing all your precious items. From rings to bracelets, from watches to necklaces.

Jewellery tree in black powder coated steel.

Height: 27 cm
Diameter: 16 cm


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