Bliss milk jug - Normann Copenhagen

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    Normann Copenhagen Bliss milk jug
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Normann Copenhagen - Bliss milk jug

Bliss Milk Jug 15 cl. Grey - Normann Copenhagen

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Normann Copenhagen



Milk in the morning, following the sunrise; a glass of milk at the end of a winter afternoon, with mini chocolate chip cookies.
A glass of milk will always bring a feeling of comfort and warmth, many childhood memories and endless moments with family.
A milk jug is a must-have accessory at home, to go along with all these moments.

Bliss milk jug: share the pleasure of pouring a glass of milk.

In a very contemporary and modern expression, Bliss milk jug is practical and simple to use.
Its design is minimalist and elegant, so it's possible to combine with any other decoration; its shape has an intelligent design so that it does not compromise the functionality of this piece.
The upright spouts and the small handles complete the object, with more refinement and bringing a peculiar charm.

Bliss, a tea service collection. As its name implies, it is a set that refers to happiness, purity and lightness. The designer, Odo Fioravanti, created a service that, being modern and delicate, it is also sturdy.
In porcelain with a glossy glazing inside and a matt coloured glazing outside.
The Bliss collection comprises the Milk jug, the Cups and mugs and the Sugar bowl.

Suitable for dishwasher.

design Odo Fioravanti 

Normann Copenhagen
Height: 9,2 cm
Width: 9,3 cm
Depth: 6,5 cm


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