Table top oil mister - Prepara

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Prepara - Table top oil mister



Spray cruet stand? You are going to love this!!!

Oil Mister is an elegant cruet, with a spray lid, that ensures a thin and even layer of olive oil or other seasonings on your cooking!

Perfect for greasing pans, preventing food from sticking, browning meat, seasoning salads, and making pancakes.

This is the healthy way to add more flavour with less fat. 

It is the first BPA-free, sterilized glass  with a patented filtering system. 
Create your own flavoured seasoning by blending dried herbs, dried spices or even ingredients like dried chili peppers, sun dried tomatoes and dried garlic without clogging the sprayer.

Your meals will be powered with flavour!!!!

Key features and benefits

  • Assures a thin, even layer of olive oil 
  • Very economic
  • An easy refill glass container - BPA free
  • No CFCs or volatile chemical propellants
  • A environmentally responsible alternative to disposable aerosol cans
  • Dishwasher safe



Height: 15 cm
Diameter: 6.5 cm
Capacity: 100 ml