Grand cru chopping board with juice rim - Rosendahl

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Rosendahl - Chopping board with juice rim

Rosendahl - Chopping board with juice rim



Chopping board with a juice rim.... After you have tried it, you will not want anuthing else!

This bambu chopping board is not only aesthectically appealing but it is also extremely functional.

The rims on the lateral sides of this chopping board gather the juices from meat or vegetables during their chopping!

Therefore you are able to cut everything you need without having the same old problem of making a mess.

At the end, you can use this board as serving tray, for it is an excellent decor piece to show off.

design Rosendahl

Width: 45 cm
Depth: 30 cm



Made of bambu and NOT SUITABLE for dishwasher nor microwave.