Grand cru wine stopper - Rosendahl

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    Rosendahl Wine stopper
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Rosendahl - Wine stopper

Rosendahl - Wine stopper




Wine stopper.... You cannot waste God's nectar...

All successes and achievements must be celebrated.

After the toast, there can be some waste, but with this solution, that might not happen ever again.

Do not end your wine's life so abruptly!

The weight of the steel and the elasticity of the rubber match perfectly so that it can adjust itself to any bottle.

"I designed this wine cork to fit in any wine bottle and also in the Grand Cru collection bottles. The weight of the steel is enough to allow a smooth yet firm lock. Once again, the conical outline stood out as the best solution for this problem." - Erik Bagger

The perfect gift for any host!


design Erik Bagger 

Height: 9 cm
Doâmetro: 2.5 cm



Stainless steel and black nylon.
Dishwasher safe


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