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    Rotaliana Step wall lamp
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Rotaliana - Step wall lamp

expected delivery 23 Nov - 25 Nov



Step - a giant step for lighting!

A wall LED lamp perfectly balances size and light beam.

Its basic shape, resembling an upside down L, is visually delicate and assures a high lighting performance.

LEDs enable to decrease the lamp's size, but also to decrease the amount of necessary material to produce these same lamps, making them structurally lighter and also pleasant to look at.

Its size grants countless combinations, creating light sources in places, where they have never existed before.

Let yourself go with Step...

Made of metal.

design Maurizio Quargnale 

Height: 7.5 cm
Base: 12 cm
Depth: 11.7 cm


Insulation category II 
Degree of protection IP20
Certification of European conformity
Suitable for installation on inflammable surfaces

Bulbs LED 18W SPW0 1.600 lumen 3.000°K


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