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    SimpleForms Shoe brush
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SimpleForms - Shoe brush




Shoes always clean...

Part of the Bath collection, a great complement to the cork pieces that will leave your bathroom more than perfect!

Shining your shoes is a task that is no longer carried out. However, shiny shoes are always the tip of a good presentation and appearance.

Shine your shoes, let the natural bristles caress your shoes...

But, if modern men have abandoned this object a long time ago, it is still indispensable for older men: as a gift for your father, father in law, uncle... they will love it!!!A useful object... but also a great decor element.

Shoe brush made of wenge wood and natural bristles.

design Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça 

Height: 9 cm
Width: 21 cm
Depth: 6 cm