Eos large suspension lamps - Vita

Vita - Eos large suspension lamp with black cable

Vita - Eos large suspension lamp with wite cable



The expression of vibrant decorations, filled with light that attracts good energy and positive spirit.
The cloudy days will be full of light. The cold atmosphere will become warm.

The seduction of the goose feathers on a lamp that is falling from the sky just to shine!

Eos large will be the star of any environment making it unique and creative.
From the designer Soren Ravn Christensen, who designed an amazing family of amazing lamps that complement each other in all the different sizes available.

Eos large fits within your living room, your bedroom or even that special corner in your home.

Includes a black or white cable to adjust on the ceiling with 2.1 meters and a LED light bulb.
Vita recommends blowing through the lamp with a hair dryer.


design: Søren Ravn Christensen


Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 65 cm


Lamps: 1 LED bulb 6W (E27) Lumen 720 of 15,000 hours included