valentines day

Love is love


Love is color

Color, color and more color: in a red geometric patter. A giant patchwork effect is achieved by overlapping the Mélange rugs by Nanimarquina: be surprised.

love is joy

Sitting on a cloud. Sit on Bonbaron puff by Fatboy feels as if you were sink into a giant, tender marshmallow, diving into serenity and pure pleasure.

Shades of red


plissé kettle - alessi

Thanks to its graceful and elaborate lines, it fulfills two of the most valuable functions for a design piece: practicality and decorative use. A sculptural piece.

The original stonewashed puff - Fatboy

”A cotton bean bag sent from heaven". This is the latest version of Fatboy's iconic original puff, but now soft, squishy, snuggly and with a luxurious texture. 

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