Spring Story


diva - alessi watering can

With an impressive design, Diva is the perfect accessory for your garden. The most elegant way to take care of your plants. Pleasant to look at, pleasant to touch.
eva solo

legio nova - dinnerware eva solo

A collection that shines for its simplicity and refinement. These are pieces that we like to have at home: for daily use or to put on the table for a special occasion.

What’s new: Le Creuset

Signature Collection Round Casserole

For nearly a century, the Le Creuset cocotte has been referenced as a culinary classic, appreciated by chefs around the world. elevates the flavor of your creations.

round skillet

With the finest materials, Skillet is an indispensable utensil for chefs all over the world and home cooks. This is a kitchen hero - for searing, browning and crisping.

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