Eero aarnio watering can diva - Alessi

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Alessi - White watering can



Diva, a star in your garden.

The most elegant way to take care of your plants.

With an aweless design, almost on the move, Diva is a very useful and functional object, and a great decor element when not at use.
Pleasant to look at, pleasant to touch... what is better?
Watering your plants always with a smile, because with DIVA, you will be the true gardening diva!!!

To fill up the watering can is quite easy, and even more easy to use it.

Diva, a proud watering can at your service in your garden.

Made of thermoplastic resin.

AlessiHeight: 31 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 10.8 cm
Capacity: 150 cl