Spal ice cream scoop - Alessi

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Alessi - Spal ice cream scoop

Alessi - Spal ice cream scoop



Designed and thought of functionality and sophistication; with special characteristics that will make you feel an ice cream professional.
Spal combines supreme aesthetics with increased concern with its practicality.

For the sweetest programs, the most delicious afternoons, the most creamy days.

Serving the ice cream at home has never been so delicious.

In partnership with IFI - an Italian company specializing in cafes and ice cream parlours - Giulio Iacchetti's creates the ice cream scoop that you really want to have at home, along with your kitchen accessories!

Have you already eaten your ice cream today?

Ice scream scoop in titanium, the handle is in thermoplastic resin in white.

design Giulio Iacchetti

Height: 2.6 cm
Width: 5.3 cm
Depth: 26 cm