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Alessi - Pulcina red expresso coffee maker

Alessi - Pulcina expresso coffee maker



Coffee lovers, Pulcina has arrived!

It remind us the tradition of coffee makers that left the aroma of coffee through the air.
It adds the vanguard of modern designers, who constantly seek to create functional pieces without losing the magic of aesthetics.

For coffee lovers.
An espresso, an hot flavour, a revolutionary coffee maker!

Michele De Lucchi and his search for the perfect coffee maker, brought him to Pulcina.
After a search for the optimization of the coffee, Pulcia guarantees that only the best qualities of the coffee are preserved, increasing the aroma.

The small spout on the tip of the coffeemaker, was specially designed to avoid spilled drops.
To ensure an absolutely full cup where not a drop can be missed!

With Pulcinia it is possible. Take the coffee maker to the table and feel and taste the best of the coffee.

Expresso coffee maker in alumium casting, for 3 cups.
Handle and knob in PA.

The expresso coffee maker with red details has magnetic steel botton suitable for cooking in gas, electric, induction and vitro-ceramic stoves.

design Michele De Lucchi

Height: 20 cm
Width: 15.2 cm
Depth: 9.2 cm