Dédé doorstop - Alessi

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    Alessi Dédé doorstop
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Alessi - Dédé doorstop

Alessi - Doorstop Dédé




Dédé is an old soul... originally presented in 1996, he returns now with a more modern expression.

Dédé waits and waits... opens and closes doors.

In the words of its creator, Philippe Starck: "Dédé is waiting." But what for? Life? Love? In the meantime, he opens and closes doors. Like me."
It is a true poetic piece that exudes some features of the personality of its designer and that will be the best company in your home.

Dédé will have a familiar dimension that will be impossible to be indifferent to the presence of this doorstop.

Made of thermoplastic resin in black.

design Philippe Starck

Height: 16,50 cm
Width: 17,50 cm
Depth: 17,50 cm


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