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    Alessi Liconi centerpiece
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Alessi - Liconi centerpiece



Liconi - let yourself go....

The Liconi glacial lake was the starting point for the conception of this centrepiece.
Besides its intrinsic scenery qualities, the choice of a lake as an inspiration model also matches the functional considerations: the water surface acts like a table top, and the surrounding landscape acts like the perimeter.

Everytime you glance at Liconi, your mind will transport you to this glacial lake....

Its descriptive and evocative outline, turns this display object into something you will always want to have....
Its job as a centrepiece will certainly be left behind....

The surface design was reached through a preparation of a stereoscopic image by high definition satellite.
Highly qualified craftsmen are necessary to reproduce a metal object with these features, years of experience to work complex steel surfaces.

Made of polished 18/10 stainless steel.

design Pierfrancesco Cravel

Height: 8.8 cm
Width: 35.2 cm
Depth: 23.5 cm


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