The whistler dessert plate - Alma Gemea

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Alma Gemea - Set of 6 dessert plates grey

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Alma Gemea - Dessert plate pearl

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Alma Gemea - Set of 6 dessert plates pearl



The Whistler's collection dessert dishes

Cork and ceramics, in a pleasant aliance of two materials, perfect for each other!

A piece of cake to accompany the coffee or tea ... a special moment for two, three, in family... a perfect moment!

The Whistler is the name of the largest and one of the oldest oak trees in the world, which is situated in the Alentejo region. This special tree gave its name to the line that surrounds the cork and the ceramic, such as cork involves the trunk of the oak tree... with inspiring forms by the traditional pottery from Alentejo.

The cork comes out easily, so that the ceramic part can safely go to the dishwasher and microwave.
Cork must be cleaned with a damp cloth.


design Raquel Castro

Alma Gemea
Height: 2.5 cm
Diameter: 20 cm


Cork is a widely applicable material, easily adapted to the environment.
It is a valuable and in vogue material due to its ecological capacity and environmental respect.

100% natural product, produced piece by piece. For this special reason, slight variations of color or shape may arise to the same reference, which gives it the characteristics of a unique and exclusive object.