Lantern ajana - Asa Selection

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    Asa Selection Ajana Lantern
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Asa Selection - Ajana Lantern

Lantern ajana - Asa Selection

expected delivery 22 May - 24 May
Asa Selection


The power of a serene, peaceful, welcoming and warm environment is undeniable.

We know that harmony at home is essential for a happier and more serene life.
People always search for pieces that transform the areas, that complete the decoration and that support this state of calm in the interior.
Lanterns fulfill all these functions.

Ajana: place a candle and let the light illuminate the room.

They are consensual ornaments, which cross time from past centuries to the present day. Now, with much more intuitive, clear and contemporary design, they are elements that elevate the environment and create atmospheres of pure comfort in the interior. Able to integrate different styles of decoration, the Ajana lanters are perfect details to gently light up every room.

Ajana lantern in glass.

Asa Selection
Height: 18 cm
Diameter: 14,5 cm


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