Little window box - Bacsac

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    Bacsac Little window box in geotextil
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Bacsac - Little window box in geotextil

Jardinière (8l) - Bacsac

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A window directly to nature, to the earth, to life ...

Little window box from Bacsac is a loving window planter so you may enjoy nature very close to your living room.

Herbs always nearby, a living company that beautifies your day ❤

Basil, thyme, parsley or mint

Small details that make the difference!

Children will love to protect and to be held responsible for their crops, they will enjoy to watch the growth of a tomato, to imagine the under growth of a raddish, and, when the time comes to harvest, they will be eager to taste them, even hating vegetables!!!!

Bacsac® is the new kind of garden, for the present and future following the tradition of the Middle Age's squared gardens.
In both urban or rural areas, Bacsac® is a portable fragment of nature, an ecological vegetable or flowered garden, the secret garden you always wished for: flowers to pick, vegetables to eat...

According to the "square foot gardening" method, this is a rotation of crops that last all year long.

It is also a chance to learn more about vegetables, to know them, to check out the ones that last longer, to aknowledge that they are not planted at the same time...
A patience learning school.... growing a garden allows us to discover the primitive sense of the seasons rhythm, to respect nature's cycles....

Perfect for outdoors, made of geotextile or Batyline.
100% recyclable, resistant to high temperatures and UV rays
In geotêxtil or Batyline in multi-layers in cerise or avocado.


Height: 15 cm
Width: 35 cm
Length: 15 cm
Capacity: 8 lt


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