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Black Blum - Brrrrr polar bear ice tray

Black Blum - Brrrrr



Brrrrrr..... Cold....

A Polar Bear that lives in your freezer...

A polar bear that lives in your freezer... how cool is that?

With Black and Blum's originality, the Polar Bear is born, ready to freshen up your drinks...

A perfect ice-cube moulder, with its' funny polar bear shape, amusing not only the children but also the adults, thirsty for a cold, fresh drink..

Simple to fill, easy to load into your frezzer and to decant individual cubes without having to touch the ice.
Because it is sealed, it stops the ice from absorving the odors and crumbs of other foods in your freezer.

Made from polyethylene recyclable.
Is dishwasher safe.

Black Blum
Height: 8 cm
Width: 27.5 cm
Depth: 8.5 cm